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Selection and
Recruitment Headhunter

The EVP Connect selection and recruitment headhunter is especially necessary in the search for candidates with a very specific profile, which could hardly be found by traditional recruitment means, as it is a recruitment and selection service specialized in Brazilian technology professionals and related areas used to fill one or more specific slots.

What do we do?

In this service you can have in particular:
Presentation of professionals aligned to the requested profile, facilitating assertive decision making;
Constant feedback to the company and the candidates participating in the selection process;ção-de-Estrangeiros-EVP-Connect-160x160.png
Legal support in hiring foreigners
according to the laws in force;
Know-how of specialized and connected
professionals in the Brazilian labour market.

How can this service
help companies?
Saving valuable resources, like time and money, as the search for the right candidate becomes more agile and cheaper.
Relieve workload in the Human Resources department, leaving more time to invest in improving teams.
Greater assertiveness about the selected workforce, which reduces the chances of the new employee leaving the job at the beginning.

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    A EVPConnect é uma consultoria apaixonada por criar conexões vencedoras entre pessoas e tecnologia
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