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This privacy policy aims to clarify what we do with your personal data and in addition to describing how we collect, process and use this data. In this way, we comply with our legal obligations in force in dealing with you.

Data is not collected for any purposes other than those specified here:

We reserve the right to update or modify this privacy policy without prior notice in order to adapt it with legislative changes, so it is advisable to visit this page regularly.

Data collection

The data collected and its treatment are the responsibility of EVPConnect LDA, based at Rua Estado da Índia, 29, Office 105, Edifício Goa, 2685-146 Sacavém

Direct Collection: The personal data of the holders will be collected only when a request is made to participate in the recruitment processes that are published in our communication channels, online forum, workshops, job fairs or spontaneous application by the holder so that it is verification of correspondence to the requested recruitment process possible; And for all other cases of information requests that are not recruitment processes or an implicit part of the process, such as: services listed on our website for candidates and companies; or any information requested directly, through the channels mentioned above, will have the data collected so that it is possible to respond to the requested clarification.

Indirect Collection: Through Google Analytics, statistical information related to the use of aggregated data is monitored: geographical origin (city, country), type of device, operating system, browser, operator, accesses, gender and age. The use of these data does not contain personally identifiable data or private information.

Purposes and Sharing of Collected Data

In the case of candidates, exclusively for the recruitment and selection process that includes recruitment activities such as research, selection, prospecting at EVPConnect clients, legal, accounting partners, travel agency, educational and / or training institutions and professionals, companies insurance and banking institutions; in this context, data on salary processing and human resources management will also be processed; Submission of our content communications (newsletter) within the scope of services and materials published on our website.

In the case of supplier and customer, exclusively for communications from / and for commercial relations, clarifications and improvements on our services and legal obligations. Submission of our content communications within the scope of services and materials published on our website.

All data provided are not disclosed or communicated to third parties without the consent of the owner, whether they are partners or cloud services, except when required by law.

Categories of processed personal data

By means of Article 15 of the GDPR, EVPConnect aims to clarify to the data subjects, all categories that are currently treated.

Internal – Authentication: information that is to be authenticated through an access password, PIN and fingerprint;
External– Identification: information that identifies a natural person by name, photo, biometric data or unique identifier; – Demography: information describing shared characteristics regarding income brackets, age groups and physical traits;
Social – Professional: information about the academic or professional career that describes employee files, salary, assessments, interviews and work history; – Social Networks: Related information on relative social connections with friends, acquaintances, associations and groups; – Communication: information communicated by message by two people via email and voice.
Tracking – Contact: information that provides a mechanism for contacting via email and phone number; – Location: information about the location relative to the GPS coordinates and country.

Data storage

All data collected through our communication channels and also through the candidates’ resumes are stored on servers located in the European Union and will remain there for a period of 2 (two) years after the last contact with the candidate, which can be renewed upon request. of the candidate. These servers are protected and maintained according to security standards, in order to comply with applicable data privacy laws.


The candidate who provides the data upon request from EVPConnect through their respective communication channels, will be in agreement with the collection and use of personal information only for the specific purposes mentioned here.


EVPConnect is responsible for the treatment of the data, and informs that it is implementing all the technical and organizational security measures applicable under the GDPR, thus guaranteeing the rights that assist it. If you want to know how to exercise your rights of access, rectification, elimination, portability, opposition or limitation, follow the instructions below for more information.


For questions related to data collection, your rights or any other issues of this scope, please contact us by e-mail:

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