Criamos conexões vencedoras

Com a tecnologia como base conectada aos melhores profissionais qualificados, fornecemos um serviço de outsourcing descomplicado, consultoria e desenvolvimento de projetos.

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Sede: Rua Olavo D'Eça Leal, nº 8, 1600-306 - Lisboa

Rua Pinto Bessa N.º 522 R/C Esq, 4300-428

+351 211 156 075

About EVPConnect

Did you know

about us before ?

We are a consulting company passionate at creating winning connection.

Why so in love?

For us, finding a winning connection is much more than a professional project with a good financial payback:

  • It is a complete life project planning in Portugal, through transparency and humanized follow-up.
    After all, we don’t just do business, we take care of real people!

#winning connections


Portuguese company, with 100% Brazilian DNA

Our founders who are in the technology area, came from Brazil determined to change their lives.

And they changed!! 🙂

Nowadays EVPConnect is a reference in the Portuguese market, as a consulting company specialized in Recruitment, Outsourcing, and Relocation of IT Professionals, especially Brazilians. 

Since October 16th, EVP has aimed to make it possible for Brazilians who have the desire and a dream to live and work in Portugal to have a successful international career.

Support and follow-up

We help our employees to progress continuously, with oriented training for their goals and continuous monitoring of the projects in which they are inserted.

Through our special Human Resources team, we maintain a strong focus on the care of each consultant, professional or personal matter.

Clients and employees can count on us with dedication, excellence, flexibility, transparency, and a high standard of quality.


Our Team

An empathetic and motivated team to take care of people.

Rogério Teixeira

Head of Business

Andrea Viana

Legal Department

Renato Gonçalves

Project Manager

Pollianna Machado

Head of Operations

Quelli Lima

HR Manager Manager

Diego Fernandes

Client Manager

Natália Vaz

Talent Manager

Fernanda Cruz

Financial Technician

Moisés Medeiros

Administrative Assistance


Get in Touch

Come visit our office or send us an email whenever you want. We are open to any questions that may arise.


Sede: Rua Olavo D'Eça Leal, nº 8, 1600-306.


Rua Pinto Bessa N.º 522 R/C Esq, 4300-428

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