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Com a tecnologia como base conectada aos melhores profissionais qualificados, fornecemos um serviço de outsourcing descomplicado, consultoria e desenvolvimento de projetos.

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Services for Candidates

CV Writing

for Portugal

Our service for Strategic Curriculum Analysis is guaranteed by those who are already in Portugal
and have already made good use of it! Through our experienced partners we are able to offer
an excellent service at a competitive value and with an excellent response time.

Strategic Curriculum Analysis

The experience of several HR professionals in recruitment and selection processes, point to some standards that make a resume be seen as a potential candidate for the vacancy in question or points that can negatively influence their resume. The strategic curriculum analysis service is essential to improve clarification about the technical skills and softskills that many leave out of a curriculum!

We work with

3 options in this service:

CV Writing for Portugal

Curriculum Analysis

and devolutive

FREE option – suitable for those who want basic technical and strategic feedback on the current status of their curriculum. After analysis, you will receive specific feedback on how to improve basic technical information for a curriculum to work with IT in Portugal, according to the area you want, and other feedback on the structure and writing.

CV Writing for Portugal


Analysis and Readjustment

This option is indicated to strategically restructure your curriculum and thus better explore your skills, experience and training in order to obtain more competitive advantages in selective processes for working with IT in Portugal.
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CV Writing for Portugal

Analyze +

Readjustment +


This option is complete and involves the previous two steps. After the analysis of the ” front and back” we will have a meeting of up to 30 min, live and online, to help you with your doubts and pass on important guidelines for you to increase the chances of achieving the dream of that opportunity that you so desire.
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    Sede: Rua Olavo D'Eça Leal, nº 8, 1600-306..


    Rua Pinto Bessa N.º 522 R/C Esq, 4300-428

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